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    Gimleo Heat Exchanger Co.,Ltd. is located in Guangdong,China. We are a professional manufacturer of energy-saving heat exchanger equipment integrated with R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.

    Our products covers titanium heat exchanger, Titanium condenser, Titanium evaporator, Swimming pool titanium heat exchanger, Aquarium titanium heat exchanger, Heat-resistant titanium heat exchanger, Solar units heat exchanger, Liquid to liquid titanium heat exchanger, Tube in shell condenser, Tube in shell evaporator, Double-wall tube in shell heat exchanger, Nickel-copper tube in shell heat exchanger, Industrial Chiller heat exchanger, and so on. Our products are widely used in swimming pool equipment, aquarium chiller, marine refrigerant units , Air source heat pump , Water source heat pump, aquaculture, pharmacy, the food industry , electroplating industry and some heat recovery from the waste water or exhaust gas.

    Gimleo have built the most advanced enthalpy difference laboratory , and many heat exchange technologies have gained the national Patents. Gimleo improving and strengthening the entire quality control process from R&D to sales, got the ISO9001-2008  CE, RoHS certificates, At the same time, the company establishes the perfect information platform for the whole manufacturing and R & D system with implementation of logistics management system-ERP.

    Gimleo heat exchanger has won the good reputation in the industry with excellent quality and quick response to market. We are concentrating on high efficiency products and perfect service to the customers adhering to the development strategy of "Quality makes brand and creates reputation".

Gimleo Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.
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