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Message Title:  ETA-0.33
Message sender:  Kirkor Nergis Time:  2014-2-28
Hi, I'm looking to buy ETA0.33 model of you, me and my friends (3-5people) first wish to try then import. I'm working on international heat exchanger company but we don't have capability here, we are only manufacturing copper and aluminium heat exchanger also for my hobby; I try to find opprtunity because here there is empty market I remain to hear offer and capability to send me ... best regards,
Gimleo Reply:
Thanks! Mr Nergis. I sent our catalog to your email.
Message Title:  PPR shell Ti exchanger
Message sender:  Alper Yercik Time:  2014-1-31
Hi, We are looking for PP Shell Ti exchanger for condensing. Could you send different capacity model details, dimensions and prices? First of we need 30-40kw 5 pieces. We may use paralel, if the capacity is lower than this. Thanks,
Gimleo Reply:
Hi,Alper I send our catalog to your email.Pls check it. Thanks!
Message Title:  Aquarium titanium evaporator(ETA-0.5)
Message sender:  eddie Time:  2014-1-28
How can I purchase this item "Aquarium titanium evaporator(ETA-0.5)" What's the cost? I live in USA.
Gimleo Reply:
Hi,Mr Eddie I send the details of ETA-0.5 to your email. Pls check it.
Message Title:  titanium evaporator
Message sender:  Daniel Nguyen Time:  2011-9-22
hi i saw you have a Titanium evaporator, i want to buy it use for fishing boat. to make water cool. my compressor condensing unit is 3.5 ton 3 and haft ton. so can you check for me evaporator chiller can use for 3 to 4 ton condensing unit? the hole for the water in and out 1.5 inch. 1 and haft inch. so how much for that? do you have office in US? California?
Gimleo Reply:
Dear Daniel Nguyen,Thanks for your message. About the 3.5 ton compressor,you can choose our ETA-5 titanium evaporator to cool the fish water.We don't have office in US,we export all the goods from factory directly. If you need more informtion,Please contact me. My name is Jermey Yin,my email:, Skype:jermey-yin
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